Individuals that buy MAYA Preferred 223 and follow the retirement plan steps below will be qualified to enter our into the MAYA RETIREMENT PLAN.

$ 48,931.00
$ 1,519.47
$ 0.025181

MAYA Preferred 223 Retirement Plan



The MAYA RETIREMENT PLAN guarantees that for every coin you buy, you will receive a minimum of $250 USD once MAPR reaturns back to $25,000 or higher for a period of a minimum of 30 days depending on the banks requirements.
We will have opportunities for every investor, small or big to partake in the MAYA experience. With gain and growth in mind, all investments are treated equally and with the tools and products MAYA produces. Backed with bank guarantees we can ensure the investors they are apart of something revolutionary and at the forefront of the industry.


Maya Preferred 223 Retirement Plan Steps



  1. Purchase at least One (1) Maya Preferred 223 (MAPR) on either FATBTC or CATEX

  2. Open a MYEX Trading Wallet at MYEX.TRADE

  3. Move the recently purchased Maya Preferred 223 (MAPR) directly from the exchange that you bought it on into your MYEX Deposit Address

  4. The token that you just recently deposited will be credited to your account at a min value of $25,000 no matter what the amount you purchased it on in the exchange

  5. Your tokens will be immediately moved into your Frozen MYEX wallet powered by U.K. Financial Ltd.

  6. Wait until Maya Preferred 223 reaches the $25,000 Mark for a period of a min of 30 days

  7. Wait for further contact and confirmation from UK Financial Limited on the signing of the agreement with the bank that we choose

  8. Once the contracts are signed with  the bank and the bank gives authority to U.K. Financial Ltd.  U.K. Financial Ltd. willtransfer and pledge your coins to the bank that you just sign the contract with.


Digital Signature on the Blockchain

Once you send your funds . .

Once you move your coins over it is because you are opting in and willing to participate in the MAYA RETIREMENT PLAN.
That transaction hash and blocktchain TX is your digital signature that you are participating.  By sending your digital currency to MYEX you are again agreeing to the terms and conditions of the coin and the MAYA RETIREMENT PLAN.
Once you purchase your MAPR off of Catex or FatBTC. You have 24 hours to withdraw and deposit into MYEX in order to quality and join for the MAYA RETIREMENT PLAN.