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    MAYA EXCHANGE uses MYEX Token as its primary exchange pair for all currencies.

    All available tokens tradable on MAYA EXCHANGE are directly supported by Maya Preferred 223 (MARP). (MARP) is a crypto currency backed by precious metal assets of gold and silver.

    Maya Preferred 223 (MAPR) is U. K. Financial Ltd.’s state-of-the-art ERC 23 token built on the Ethereum Classic blockchain.

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$ 10,934.54
$ 1,755.24
$ 389.65
$ 0.000916
$ 0.176521

The introduction of MYEX Token

The first ever cryptocurrency exchange backed by gold and silver


U. K. Financial Ltd. is releasing only 5 million MYEX tokens to the public. These 5 million MYEX tokens will represent the public float (freely tradable tokens) and once these 5 million tokens are purchased, no other tokens will be released by the company in any type of ICO or offering to the public. U. K. Financial Ltd. will be using its Gold and Silver backed Maya Preferred 223 to back MYEX with $1 worth of Gold and Silver per token, giving MYEX a $1 per share book value. Every time Maya Preferred 223 adds more Gold and Silver Mines to the equation, it not only increases the value of Maya Preferred 223, it also now increases the value of MYEX. By U. K. Financial Ltd. performing this transaction, it will make Maya Exchange the first ever cryptocurrency exchange backed by Gold and Silver. U. K. Financial Ltd. is offering the 5 million tokens at only $0.30 per token.

BUY NOW because once they are gone, they are gone.




Maya Preferred 223 (MAPR) is U. K. Financial Ltd.’s state-of-the-art ERC 23 token built on the Ethereum Classic blockchain, and is positioned to become the first cryptocurrency to be successfully used as a monetary instrument for individuals to transfer money worldwide. Not only will Maya Preferred change the way people transfer money worldwide, but it will also become the first cryptocurrency to be accepted by many leading retail stores.


Maya Preferred 223 (MAPR) is also backed with precious metal assets of gold and silver mine reserves in Mexico, making it the new “gold and silver standard” and instantly providing the stabilization investors have been waiting for in the volatile realm of cryptocurrency. The tokens business plan involves adding more mining assets for backing and thus adding value to itself over time, increasing both stability and the ability to have real tangible assets backing its currency for investors.



Embrace yourself as you get exclusive benefits that no other crypto site offers. MYEX Trading Club members gain exclusive access to monthly competitions on the fastest growing online casino – PLAY ROYAL. Win exclusive prizes in BTC sponsored by MYEX. As a MYEX TRADING CLUB member, receive monthly E-Mails – get the news before the general public about competitions with our casino partners. Members also receive their own MYEX Savings Wallet. MYEX SAVINGS WALLET allows you the ability to hold MAPR, MAYA, MYEX, DFS, and all future U.K Finacial Ltd. tokens all in one place. The MYEX TRADING CLUB in a league of its own. It can be purchased for a one lifetime fee of $8,000.

MAYATRADE. COM is the private exchange for MYEX TRADING CLUB members.

MYEX.TRADE runs on the MYEX token. MYEX.TRADE is used for the pre-release of new market coins. MYEX token, the official coin of MYEX.trade, can be used for purchase opportunities and exchange perks.

Join the club and be a MYEX TRADING CLUB member today.

All members receive 1 BTC* deposited into their account.  Members will also receive $8,000.00 USD worth of MYEX Token upon paying membership fee deposited into their account.


(*BTC must be held for 1 year).



  • 1 MAPR deposited into you’re MYEX Trade Frozen wallet account equivalent to $25K & access to the MYEX Retirement Plan
  • Members will also receive $8,000.00 USD worth of MYEX Token upon paying membership fee deposited into their account.
  • Access to monthly crypto competitions through our online casino partners
  • Monthly emails with updates to contests prior to the general Public
  • Private MYEX Savings Wallet
  • Access to the private MYEX Exchange
  • Exclusive trading competitions
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Premium MYEX Membership Benefits:

How to Join:

1) Sign up for an account @ mayatrade.io

2) Once registered, visit MYEX.TRADE – Navigate to your Wallet & Click the Join VIP link

3) Pay membership fee via BTC or Wire transfer with the information below

4) Join our telegram group here to confirm your payment with your TX or Wire Transfer confirmation. : https://t.me/myexvip

5) Once your account is active you will get a welcome email, along with $8K worth of MYEX Token @ .30 cents per token. Your activation on the Exchange begins and you will receive (1) Bitcoin deposited into your MYEX wallet.



#CoinPriceMarketcapVolume (24h)SupplyChangeLast 24h
$ 10,934.54$ 202.24 B$ 23.52 B18.49 M-0.89%
$ 389.65$ 43.95 B$ 16.65 B112.65 M6.07%
Maya Preferred 223
$ 1,755.24$ 0.00$ 509.960.00-11.66%
Maya Coin
$ 0.176521$ 0.00$
Fantasy Sports
$ 0.000916$ 4.15 K$ 2.87 K4.53 M-0.07%